GreaseGreased Lightning

Well this car could be systematic Hydromatic Ultramatic Why it could be Greased Lightning! (Greased lightning!) We'll get some overhead lifters and some four barrel quads Oh yeah (Keep talking, whoa, keep talking) A fuel injection cutoff and chrome plated rods oh yeah (I'll get the money, I'll kill to get the money) With a four speed on the floor, they'll be waiting at the door You know that ain't no shit, we'll be getting lots of tit In Greased Lightning [Chorus] Go Greased Lightning, you're burning up the quarter mile (Greased Lightning, go Greased Lightning!) Go Greased Lightning, you're coasting through the heat lap trial (Greased Lighting, go Greased Lightning) You are supreme, the chicks'll cream for Greased Lightning We'll get some purple French tail lights and thirty inch fins Oh yeah A Palomino dashboard and duel muffler twins Oh yeah With new pistons, plugs, and shocks I can get off my rocks You know that I ain't bragging, she's a real pussy wagon Greased Lightning [Chorus] [Chorus] (Lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning Lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning!) © 2017