Dr. DreLet's Get High

[all together] All these niggaz and all these hoes in here Somebody here gon' fuck! (repeat 4X) [Hittman] Talkin that, walkin that, spittin at hoes Smokin this, drinkin that, hittin at hoes Fuck this I'm hittin that I'm hittin em both Have one ridin dick, one lickin my toes When I'm lovin these hoes there ain't no love involved No hugs, no kisses, bear rugs, bear britches Rare bitches like to pose in them Black Tail pictures Bitch jumped off my dick, "Is that Dre over there?" [Dr. Dre] Yeah -- I just took some Ecstasy Ain't no tellin what the side effects could be All these fine bitches equal s** to me Plus I got this bad bitch layin next to me No doubt, sit back on the couch Pants down, rubber on, set to turn that ass out Laid the bitch out, then I put it in her mouth Pulled out, nutted on a towel and passed out [Kurupt] Come on let's get high (hiiiiigh..) Let's get high (hiiiiigh..) Come on let's get high (hiiiiigh..) Let's get high, all my ladies Let's get high (hiiiiigh..) High (hiiiiigh..) Let's get high (hiiiiigh..) Come on let's get high I make the four hop {*hydraulic sound*} pull up at the spot Weed by the barrels in my G'd up apparel Stompin in the party, Kurupt, Young Gotti I'm fuckin somethin in this bitch, hit em with some gangsta shit Put somethin in your mouth bitch real tasty I'm lookin real sauce in my gangsta-ass Casey's Hit the party, ease up, Kurupt with an ounce an' Got all the hoes in this motherfucker bouncin {*hydraulics*} Down to.. Yo whattup scram jones? Mel-Man what's crackin? Whassup wit all these ol' punk ass hoes in here? [Ms. Roq] Nigga whut??! I'm a hustlin bitch! I like them get rich niggaz, them hit the switch niggaz Niggaz bout the s** and which bitch to hit next While I'm kickin my game and collectin them checks Got all y'all niggaz vexed to fuck this triple-X rated hoe You say you ain't eat it - you ate it though And uhh, Roq don't stop, can't be droppin no drawers To the niggaz how you figure got you shittin in yours Yeah, little dicks always runnin they mouth While a bitch is better off to masturbate and be out All you bitches up in here know what I'm talkin about Get the loot, get the ice, fuck the wife, no doubt Tryin to live lavish, marry a big dick and stay carried Holla back at them niggaz that hollered at me Pop the Cris', whip the six and shit And have all y'all niggaz limp when I twist my shit Yeah! Bitch ass niggaz!
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