Iced EarthDante's Inferno

Through the fiery caverns we sail Virgil at my side my guide and master Questing through the nine plains of hell Infernal wisdom shall fill my soul Slowly now the days departing The darkened air releases me Frightening visions of my journey Entrance me to limbo I'm not Free Abandon all hope who enter here Enter the gates, charon awaits Abandon all hope who enter here For this is where all things are left behind Every doubt and every cowardice must die Souls of rage and anger whipping in despair The souls that wail on this plain pray for death Denial is the reason for their suffering Forever being stung by wasps and demons breath The blood and tears that fall serve the maggots need Descention, thrusting to the second plain Minos judges as his tail twines Lustful thoughts and greed whip these wretched souls A hurricane of hate mocks their helpless pleas Drifting now down deeper, into eternal flames Awake at the third circle, the cold and filthy rain Punished for their gluttony, languid for all time The earth it stinks of corpses, damned for all time The vicious beast cerebus, three heads, blooded eyes Tears his talons through the air, all the skinners cry Down, be still thy cursed wolf The master scorns it's name Dive to the next plain The sullen and the vain Suffer for greed The prodigal they bleed For all eternity Plutus holds the key Damned, the wrathful and the vain Suffer the fifth plain Cross the river styx Heed your crucifix The mudded corpses cry Howling to the sky Reach the other side Open wide the gate Enter the sixth circle of barren land and flames Passing through the gate of this the furies scream her name Belching forth in agony invoking her to rise The spirit's rage consuming us the evil in their cries Queen of vipers, queen of serpents Cast their souls to stone Spread to wealth of gorgon's power Medusa's inner soul We're drawing ever closer to the seventh hell They violate their neighbors, their god and themselves We're sailing slowly through the boiling river of blood Immersed in the depths below souls scream in agony The twisted beast he laughs, he draws his arrow back His sights on anyone exposing of their flesh He impales their hearts with ease And shrugs their piercing screams Pity is they'll never die They'll suffer here eternally Imagine a place where every horror comes to life Where every torture is real and time stands still Eight fiery steps and we're closer to the end In a cold and timeless grave buried head first in shit Praying all the while for a quick & painless death Scratching furiously at scabbed and oozing wounds Lucifer... Angel of light Cast below god of ice Ruling hell unholy trinity The traitors freeze for all eternity Lucifer... Betrayer of god Tormentor ruthless and cold Judas' screaming here in agony The traitors freeze for all eternity © 2018