Iced EarthMystical End

On the plains of the desert A murmured cry was heard From the echoes of a wind song Singing of a word The word of the land begotten Is very seldom taught To natives of the desert Which tribes of old have sought Way up in the sky the sun is Burning bright All the natives screaming, Screaming to be free The teachings of a wasted Life and a darker death The burning sun is turning Black falling from the sky As the moon fades away And the sun turns black The darkest fall from the sky Prepared for their attack In the dawning hour The doom and destruction begins Inside the natives minds It seems it never ends At once the sun turns back And the battle stops Everyone's in grave danger Except for those of the dead For the one who shall deceive us Is the one... On the day of the night things were always well But on the night of the light all night things fell Thrown into the pit you hear the natives scream The legend lives on in the Sun God's eye © 2017