Jackson BrowneFrom Silver Lake

Did you see our brother He was here the other day But he only came to say that he was leaving Did you see his lady She was looking where he'd gone But she wasn't letting on that she was grieving She's bound to go Perhaps she'll find him waiting for his boat in some city far away She's bound to go Lately I remember afternoons of smoke and wine There was nothing we could find but peace and pleasure And with a smile he told me That he wanted just to be on his way across the sea no man can measure He won't be back, And the sun may find him sleeping in the dust of some ruin far away He won't be back Early today as I watched while the skyline was shaking I heard a rumbling Early today the mechanical city was waking And I ran out stumbling, mumbling Out through the laughter of children and dogs Did you see our brother He was here the other day But he only came to say that he can't breathe here Did you see his lady She was reaching for his hand Just as if to tell her man that she can't either They're bound to go And the sun may find me running after them, seeing something far away We won't be back ... Counter song at the end of "from silver lake" ..... Someone who had been away ..... Suddenly came back today ..... And I allowed him home today into my mind ..... For a moment face to face ..... Evil packed upon the place ..... Long ago he meant to stay out there this time ..... Oh, what do you know ..... The love that I've been feeling ..... The past is healing so slow ..... By tomorrow, gone from sorrow. Please note the the lyrics to the "counter song" came from two very reliable sources... However, a fan who asked jackson browne for these lyrics was lucky enough to get jackson to writ N the way he remembered the words and jackson came up with the following: Someone who had been away, suddenly came back today. I allowed a hope to stray into my mind. For the moment face to face, we looked back upon the place Where today we went to chase our careless time. Oh, what did we know, not what I've been feeling, the past is healing so slowly. My tomorrow. Gone from sorrow.
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