Jackson BrowneGotta See A Man About A Daydream

I could write for you A song about the warming of september But I couldn't really give to you That month in the spring And I could write for you Melodies dedicated to the seasons But I'd be caught behind Remembering a reason not to sing And the music would accompany The words it brings along Why should I try How can I try I can't give you the seasons in a song I could paint for you A picture with a swirling world of color But I couldn't really give to you The brush strokes of my mind And in my ticker-tape parade All the memories of all my failures Would be summoned in And made to walk a step or two behind And models seldom find themselves In portraits that I've drawn But I have cried And not denied That my colors aren't clear enough in song You ask of me What's a word that rhymes with all your confusion Don't you think that's just a little bit Unusual to ask Once you asked of me Once before what is a word for all your crying But you were laughing at me all the time Behind your tragic mask Now you ask me and my friends If you can pack and come along Why should I try How can I try If you can follow the honesty in song So I'll go skipping through All my daydreams at a thousand miles an hour And I'll try to sort things out Into an order if I can I've got a couple things to do Before I come and talk to you again Well I'll meet you in a dream or two Down by the borderland I've got a necessary game to play And changes to go through It's time to go, time to go So it's so long, farewell And I'll be seeing you
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