Jimi HendrixCrystal Ball

As I looked into my crystal ball... There was formed a tragedy. Oh but there's nothing to worry about... It was just a flash from my memory. Well it seems that the holiday wheel..., You know, the one that was between earth And the moon...well any way, there was 2,000,000 killed...bodies floating in the Afternoon... Explosions, 1,000 or more, announcing Tidal waves and hurricanes... And down on earth we lost 3 continents. Their fiery soul snuffed out by Nature's ice and rains... And pieces of my life...floating, Still soaring through space... But my sons and their wives Landed on mars to start another race... As I gazed upon my crystal ball, There formed a cloud of jealousy. But there's nothing to feel sad about... By this time, it's due for only history. Well, it seems that the chambers of the Gods were being emptied for good. Why would such heavenly beings want To desert earth ? But as I watched I understood. As the clouds turned to a jealous Green, which was concieved in the heart Of man...the people didn't respect The help of the gods. instead they turned against Immortal man. as they tried to defy, they Died, into the wicked pits of hell. Diana wept a tear after we made love And said: "my earthly darling, I must bid You farewell...the fate of your mud brothers ... As pieces of my life...floating, Still soaring in space... She could have been my wife But her time, I didn't dare wish To waste. As I stared into my crystal ball, There was formed a tearing of hearts. Ego armies marched antly onto view Only to be blown apart. As the sun whispered it's secret Through space...to men thinking the false pride Opposite...telling them that it was Such a disgrace to think that men were The ruler of it. well you know How the story goes...the sun they thought Was their circling slave... Round and round and round the Table she goes. some carried The thought right to their grave... And I smell the scorch of the Burnt out minds...who searched For the hurting truth of space. and the Dizziness they felt inside... Reflected off the spinning Slave pebble earth... As fragments of my life... Some floating, some soaring in space Collections of my soul Will turn complete only as time will age. As my tears drop on my crystal ball, Magnifies the reflections of christ. As I blink, his angels take him away. What he said, man tries to self ?help from god. as reward, he Wipes our blood from his eyes... And the cross that he would Use for his throne represents Not life but death. is this the way All heroes go ? ...carrying the first necklace Of death... His preaching the belief Of eternal happiness to rest. Or were his angels just ufos Vapor trails lead from Another light year land... Or was it really tomorrow's Awakening day dream...blemished By the smudgy finger prints of man... And slivers of my life...floating, Still soaring in space... And spirits of bee hives Even they find a resting place. As I wander through my crystal ball, I suddenly ride upon the waves of sound. I see platforms of launching Pads even before the first blade of Grass turned brown. And I taste their tunnels through The sky...as the axis turns in it's womb. Frozen flowers and animals try to Hold positions they had before Their morning bloomed... And I follow the last rocket up To the libraries of the moon's meadows.
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