Kelly ClarksonFed Up

She was abused he thought it brung amused but it Really brought pain The shame being known as the girl with no name it Droved her insane The lie's, rumors, and the blame she couldn't no Longer take the rain She was only 15 she didn't now where her dreams Led she wanted to be a singer But didn't know about the pain it might bring her Fed up, fed up ohhh she was fed up She thought she was in love with the boy that Brung her down left her everyday With a frown black eyes on her way too school but She always kept it cool But the tears layed inside questions why pop in Her head late at night while Sshe sit on her bed wishing she was dead. Chorus repeat Finally got loose left the nam she was abused by 19 and no more crys Now she's living her dream seeing the things that She thought she'll never See I guess she was fed up by being dumped Punched now it's all over Now she's stronger Iam sorry but her name Couldn't be mentioned but all You need too know was that we were real close Chorus repeat till end © 2017