Kelly ClarksonWhat If

(kelly) Ohhh woo Ah yeah lets go (kalan) Girl there so many Things that I like about And so many things that I Hate too ohhhh (both) What if Things Changed What if we went are own separate Ways. What if you didn't lie to me Yeahhh. What what what What If (kelly) Listen up now. Things could have changed But you mostly them to stay the Same same yeahhhhhhhh WHAT IF Repeat Chorus (kelly) What If you just kept Your mouth shut. (kalan) What If you gave me a Second chance. And WHat if Both What if things changed(ohhh Changed) What what if we went separate ways. What if You didn't lie to me yeahhhh WHA WHA WHAT IF. (kelly) Things can never change know........... But ohhhhhhhhhhhhh WHAT IF WHAT IF(repeat till fade) © 2014