Manhattan TransferFour Brothers

Take a seat and cool it 'cause unless you overrule it We are ready to show you some blowin' A rompin' and a stompin' is a lot of fun Four brothers who are blowin' our horns So settle down an' listen 'cause you don't know what you're missin' And we're ready to give you a showin' A movin' it 'n groovin' it has just begun Four brothers who are blowin' our horns We got a little message that you're gonna enjoy Ain't no sense in dodgin' the facts So settle in your easy chair an' if you ever had a care - forget it, It's time to relax We might as well admit it, we're the best that ever did it But in case you ain't too sure a knowin' We're gonna let you listen to us one by one Four brothers who are blowin' our horns How'd ya do, I'm talkin' about you It's very nice to know that you have really taken time to listen to me blow 'Cause as sure as I'm born, I'm blowin' my horn It's me baby, I'm blowin', zootin' it up And I hope you dig the sounds I'm makin' more'n any other Now I must go for it's time for you to listen to my other brother I think the chick's talkin' 'bout me so I'd better go 'n see I'm hip that she knows a horn is very best to greet you That's the reason I'm blowin' so snappily I don't know what ya got, but it thrills me an' I hope to have a lot 'Cause it puts me in clover So baby, if you would like to dig my other brother You're gonna have to turn the record over Hey hey hey Who ya talkin' about, say who ya talkin' about Did I hear you say you'd introduce your other brother 'Cause in case I heard you talkin' about three, that's me Pleased to meet you, how'd you do, how are you, nothing new, How is everything with you? Whattya say I leave this jazz up to my brother -- Dig dig dig my Long Island sound I hope you're puttin' it down You got me in a mood that's so romantic If you notice you can dig this silly old act Because I'm actin' so distracted when I dig you Pretty baby you will never know how much I really dig you You have got me so excited that I goofed blowin' my horn Ooh bop the news is gettin' around, we're really puttin' it down We're glad of fact that you enjoy it and we wish we had the time to give you more Thank you for the compliment You told us we were better just as if we didn't know it We're hip that we're the best, we're over all the rest We're in the modern school, we always play it cool, we never play the fool The honkers and the squeakers might be stealin' the show But we don't go for that, so while we blow Hi-ho, lackadaise, for it's a natural fact I ain't no kin, but I would like to get in the act! Well get outta here, get outta here, get outta here Now fellas we appreciate him makin you mad, But we must ask you to apologize Because after all he's in our band Four brothers, four brothers, four brothers Although we sound like more Four brothers, four brothers, four brothers We're really only four We like to blow but we don't know how time can fly and how our cares pass away We wish the time would never go so we could take our time an' blow 'til judgement day Four brothers, four brothers, four brothers Now just one final word: I'd like to know you and I hope I don't forget you It's really a pleasure and I hope I don't look silly to you I'm hopin' the story that I told did not upset you Sorry now in conclusion were you hoping that you heard four So just before we go we want you to know --- We're glad you let us show you how we always end up with that jazz (We don't call for back up on the road) Oh - ohhh!!!! © 2018