Manhattan TransferI Need A Man

Roof over my head, keep out the rain Food on the table, I can't complain When I had no one, you reached out your hand I want what you give me, but I need a man We'll not go hungry, we'll never be cold Long as we have each other to hold I do without most things, I get by somehow But I need a man, and I need him now Nobody special, just the usual kind Works hard all day and comes home to unwind I don't care what he looks like if he's just my own But I know I'll go crazy one more night, more night, one more night alone Don't need no lectures on what's right for me Wake up each morning, I know what I see No one's beside me, can't you understand From so deep inside me, I need a man So deep inside me, I need a man (Repeat six times to fade) © 2018