Manhattan TransferStomp Of King Porter

Gather roun' 'n hear my story Oh boy 'Bout the time when Jelly Roll was in town (Stompin' it off, stompin' it off) He heard a local pianist What joy Stompin' out music on an old upright piano Here comes King That was downright ragged in a Scott Joplin way (Here he comes, master of the stomp) Ol' Jelly knew the fella could play Dig him By the things he heard his right hand say (Now, we're gonna romp) (There was no doubtin' that the man could swing) When Jelly Roll demanded his name Hail, King Porter Well, the man responded "Porter King" (Dig 'I'm) By order Well, Jelly lef' th' city, but he wrote (Dig I'm) Why' wanna dig I'm A rompin' ditty 'bout the Porter (Dig I'm) Why' gonna dig I'm Who was "King O' The Stomp" Porter King sho' can stomp Jelly wrote a ditty 'bout a fella who could romp This is the tune "King Porter Stomp" When Porter's stridin' hands are flyin' An' all his fingers are testifyin' His two feet stompin' in ragged time That's a feelin' that is so sublime why' dig it? He's generatin' so much excitement Why' keep forgettin' just what uptight meant N' that's that fella named Porter King His style's the essence o' swing (Well, well, well) Oh, well, go on n' tell it When Jelly first heard Porter King He declared he heard the very heart an' soul of swing A certain ragged kind o' romp In between a jump and a stomp When Jelly heard, well, he really knew Because he played too That Porter was a King, really n' truly a stone king Another thing, somethin' never heard of "Somethin' else" is the sort o' phrase A fella'd prob'ly have t'use If'e was gonna describe The way Porter plays There never was an never's gonna be Another strider fine as he I know no other ear will ever hear another like it here Who you hunchin'? Dig them stompin' See them bunchin' They rompn' Sweat is poppin' Hips're rollin' Funk is droppin' Souls soulin' Heat is massin' Folks're swingin' Time is passin' Arms flingin' There's contagion Takin' over Swing is ragin' All over Hey, stop that That stomp knocked me outta my hat Who's that abusin' piano? Tell me his name, because he's boun' f' fame 'N how'd he figure such rhythm? Did he bring it here with I'm? What kinda cat is King Porter? Plinkin' an' plunkin' that romp he calls a stomp Everybody groovin' and gigglin' Mercy, take a look at that wigglin' See the cutie in the corner She's losin' her blues by stompin' outta her shoes The folks are hoopin' n' hoppin' Dig how all the fingers're poppin' Over there's a wild cat stone drunk The floor be his bunk Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp Just keep on ballin' till we Start fallin' right through the floor It's so natch'ral You want more? Come git it Porter, he's the King He knows how to stomp an' swing That's King Porter Master of how to stomp Outside the moon is beamin' Inside the joint is steamin' Them folks can really, really party All night long Porter's stompin' Gits everybody rompin' Then everybody knows that one thing Porter's king Who's the absolute master of stomp? King Porter The rollicking Rajah of Romp? King Porter The plinkin'est plunker This side o' the border? Who? Except King Porter Who is the King of the keys? King Porter An' constantly able to please? King Porter An' who tickles ivories like nobody livin'? That's King Porter, he's the man Unloosen yo' shoes (Unloosen yo' shoes) Start payin' them dues (Start payin' them dues) Git shed o' them blues Git shed o' them Dang them blue, you don't shed 'em, you lose Spend a quarter (Spend a quarter) Give the order (Give the order) Mr. Porter Mister Barrellhouse man git t' stompin' Make 'em git hot, git 'em rompin The got t' dig King Porter stomp © 2017