Manhattan TransferThe Further Adventures Of Tubby The Tuba

Tubby (Tim Hauser) I want to be seen, I want to be heard; My dream has always been To sing like a bird. Why can't I be Content to just be me? Why can't I be Just the best that I can be? I don't like to see me Feeling so unhappy; I would much rather see me Very, very happy. Tubby (Tim Hauser) Oh, the duty of a tuba When the others sing, "Tra-la," Is to sound just like a tuba And say, "OOM-PAH." But when you've got to march all day, Not only march, but also play, You start to lose your breath and huff, And instead of "OOM-PAH," All you say is "Puff,puff, puff." I'm a very sad tuba 'Cause I've lost my OOM-PAH Nothing's left for me to do now But go, "Puff,puff,puff," © 2018