Manhattan TransferTubby At The Circus

Tubby (Tim Hauser) When the buds begin to pop And the robin takes a hop Everybody says, "It's spring today!" I suppose that may be so, But I'd like for you to know I can always tell it's spring another way/ I can always tell it's spring When the circus comes to town; It makes me want to sing When I bump into a clown! When the circus marches past And the band goes tan-ta-ra I know it's spring at last, And my heart goes, "OOM-PAH!" Tubby's Idea (Cheryl Bentyne) Alley-oop, oom-Pah, Alley-oop, oom-Pah, An acrobat you ought to be, Alley-oop, oom-Pah, Alley-oop, oom-Pah, Hey Tubby! You'd be a sight to see! Elephant (Alan Paul) Be yourself, you can't be anybody else, Be yourself is my advice to you, Or else you'll always be a nobody, So be yourself, or else. A hippopotamus Would look very curious Flying like a butterfly; A fierce and hungry lion Would look silly tryin' To bake an apple pie. I think you'd get a laugh If you saw a tall giraffe Swinging by his tail from a tree; I think an octopus Would look quite ridiculous Knitting sweaters at the bottom of the sea. So be yourself, and do the things that you know best, Be yourself, I think that you'd be happiest By being no one else but you. © 2018