NelsonOnly A Moment Away

Come on over, now don't be shy All your stars and your planets are 'bout to align Why not surrender to the gleam in my eyes? Come and get it, before it dies Afraid to take a chance Been victimized by circumstance Gather up your fears and let 'em go That's over now, that's over now Chorus: I'll be your friend when you need one to turn to Call out my name and I'll always be there Wherever you go just remember I love you Whenever you start to feel the pain I'm only a moment away Dust off the ashes and take my hand I will pull you away from the quick in the sand Tonight is the night we reach the promised land When you whisper that I'm your man You're clinging to the past Scared to go too far too fast Nothing's gonna change 'till you let go I'll show you how, I'll show you how Chorus That's over now, that's over now Yeah!! Chorus (x2) © 2018