NelsonRight Before Your Eyes

Do you think it's all over? Do you feel your life is like a lover that's turned their back on you? Are you runnin' for cover? Does a day go by that you're not-a-wishin' that you could start anew? I hear you! Alright! So you feel a little jaded? Do you find your dreams have all been traded for a grownup point of view? Have your memories faded? Did you forget how you always swore you'd make it? Well, why is life now living you? So many days I'd waste away Let my dismay consume and bind me Now here I stand, a liberated man I took command by taking it easy Chorus: They say you ain't got it, but don't you believe it They pray that you'll fall in line Within your reflection discover perfection Don't fall for the loveless lies The one to believe in is right before your eyes What they sell, are you buyin'? Do I come off like another pitchman lyin'? Well, who can you believe? You might think you're dyin'... Is what you feel just the child in your heart a-cryin' For you to set it free? Oh! We're bought and sold, taught lust for gold Trade youth for old schoold blind ambition But if you slow it down and take a look around You won't believe what you've been missing Chorus What's family honor? Did you faithfully bow down and allow your father To steal your sense of pride? Or was it your momma? Has she treated you like you've been her little trauma Since the day the rabbit died? I hear you! Oh, yeah! Chorus Out chorus: They say you ain't got it, don't you believe it You've been chasing a waste of time It's in your reflection, a shining perfection If you look with your heart you'll find (right before your eyes) The one to believe in is right before you The one you can lean on is right beore your eyes The one you can turn to is right before your eyes © 2018