New Kids On The BlockHanging Tough

Intro... Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [Verse:] Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance Just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance Don't worry about nothing cause it won't take long We're gonna put you in a trance with the funky song Cause you gotta be... [Chorus:] Hangin' tough Singing tough Singing tough Are you tough enough? Hangin' tough Singing tough Singing tough We're rough Oh Oh Oh Oh x2 [Verse:] Everybody's always talking about who's on top Don't cross our paths cause you're gonna get stopped We ain't gonna give anybody any slack And if you try to keep us down we're gonna come right back And you know it... [Chorus:] Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh x4 (Music Break) [Verse:] Get loose everybody cause we're gonna do our thing Cause you know it ain't over till the fat ladyt sings Check it out... (Music Break) © 2018