Ozzy OsbourneGender

I wish I was infinite and given my way I'd be so fucking cool When i'm feeling the rush I look at you through different eyes. I never knew my thoughts televise what you think I'm the twin inside you Its hard to believe what you say Uaccepting what you've tried to show us And nothing can fix what's incomplete Cant get to us never get to us Refreshing memories of times we've known Constantly stumbling over reason where do these words go Now so true covering no one esle but you Stepping up to freak the day Devour every modern day Fell awake in my dizziness I'm blinding I wish I was obedient Arent I something I'll never be rational I'm finding my way to everyone in this velvet sky of mine Boredom does nothing for me So why does it follow Walking with the deadbeats down the street I want everything I'll be your idol Be your maker Your everything Your dirty dream designer Be your everything
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