RushMarc Live

[Marc Live] Woo! Ohhh.. Yeah.. Sink in Brand new.. Marc Live... Let's go! Rush, let's work, rush Rush, yo.. Rush Yo, check, check, yo Rush - jump all hot, jump off the whole top Jump off the roof 90 proof, listen Break up the floor, break up mad tours Shake up the state, shake like it's earthquake Break up the cake, break 'til it's daybreak Shut down the block, pay off corrupt cop Set up shop, set off the whole block It's all good, yo it's all hood listen Stop it - I know this shit sound mad good It's supposed to, niggaz I told you Chickens I told you, you brand new It's a, new me yo it's not you, you old news Take off the top, blow past the hot spot Everybody look, get chicks took Hit the lick quick, get the bricks quick The chain so sick, rims so thick, c'mon! [Chorus - repeat 2X] Rush - it's the cars, the clothes, the dough Rush - it's the bar, the clubs, the 'dro Rush - it's the girls, the diamonds, the blow Rush - it's the street, it's gangsta, so heat [Marc Live] Rush - okay, yo I'ma make sense of it (tell 'em) The rush, the overload, overdose, fuck it It's over most fuck it, so go 'head with it People love the scene, it's all cream It's all flash, it all costs, it's all green It's all ching, it's the whole thing, the tv's Rims so mean, and so extreme Buy the bar out, and ride out with the best thing See me at the next thing, text ring It's head trauma, bad drama, they need body armor The streets is monster, the streets is Tonka Watch your truck, you might get stuck You might not wake up, wear the make-up You fake and shook, you won't get off the hook We takin dough right from off of your books Your whole label break up, you out of cake, wake up [Chorus:] [unknown girl] (Rush) Okay, we got money, we got Manolos Bessa Mistra, Diors, bottles It's unstoppable, in V. I. P. Top shelf It's every day, it's not [?] baby You know how we do [Marc Live] Rush - blow up the street, blow off the mad heat Blow down the doors, it goes down mad raw It's too real, go get steel Stop all beef, snatch off the new piece Walk down the street, pass to my man Pete Go by Jacob and split all the cake up All in a day's work, go get paid work We made for it, break laws, rush for it [Chorus:] Rush © 2018