Salt 'n' PepaUpside Down (round And Round)

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Infinity to infinity plus two days I prays for my sanity to remain sane All in vain and I don't even know your name Supreme you reign Sire Your Fine ness Desire burn like fire I admire How you take me higher with them triceps Cuts got me nuts trippin' off them biceps So what's the 411 hon? You got the fade The brothas crave I praise God you was made Bring the drama to mama, let it rain Show you right, take it in stride as we ride Lovers Lane You left a stain on my brain, love Yeah, the kind of brotha other girls can only dream of Did ya lead the pack? Needle in a haystack Diamond in the rough, yeah can't get enough CHORUS Upside down, boy, you turn me Inside out, round and round Upside down, boy, you turn me Inside out, round and round and round Me and my peeps be clockin' the block for your jeep Keep checkin' for ya, we can't sleep runnin' the streets You freakin' me ??? in the marriage Here come Salty with the baby carriage So tell me what does it take for you to recognize Fate's sendin' you my way? I'm destiny's highway The kissin' got me dissin', them other heads has barely got a clue And you know how we do, yeah You give me a run for my money and break a sweat Playin' hard-to-get, give up the paycheck I'm comin' for you, I'm comin' through With the force of ten men, I wanna be no friend As I perceive a need to please ya I wanna squeeze ya and wanna tease ya, ease ya mind on wine And relaxed, turn your hat to the back 'cause I'm here, oh yeah CHORUS What's goin' on? I'm buggin' all of a sudden Thought I was into (shhh...), losin' my grip 'Bout to flip, nah, they can't see me slip They had me quick up in a tabloid clip like this Big time headlines: "Pep Losin' Her Mind" Straight up, no diggity, use a dime Got my life all changed, rearranged like I'm derranged Baby, baby, you make me crazy CHORUS © 2014