SqueezeSlaughtered, Gutted & Heartbroken

(difford/tilbrook) Slaughtered gutted and heartbroken With no spirit or no soul My emotions have been stolen Love has left me with this hole Now my heart's a deep dark cavern Emptiness is all I feel I'm the pig she tried to fatten And now all I do is squeal But things could be worse Things could be very bad for me O' my dear I find myself A stitch short of a tapestry Patience on the verge of breaking I'm kicking cans around the street Like a bad cold I need shaking Like a fool I want to cheat But to me she was an angel And I went and let her down The attraction was so fatal That she kicked me off her cloud The light was on there in her window I saw her shadow moving around I tried to stand on tip toes Hoping that she might look down I wanted so bad to call her But I had to walk away Slaughtered, gutted and heartbroken Another diamond down the drain
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