SaxonCan't Stop Rockin'

I was laid around bored to tears watching flowers grow I got my car and drove to town tried to find a show Cruised around for an hour or two, hunted high and low I had to find some rock 'n' roll to make my system go 'Cos I can't, I can't stop rockin' (*) Let me hear that music one more time 'Cos I can't, I can't stop rockin' I found a club with a neon sign on the sleazy side of town A battered jukebox on the wall was the only source of sound A drunken sailor from a russian whaler was my only drinking mate Then through the door smashed a hundred more, said yeah let's celebrate (Repeat *) The party burst straight out through the doors out onto the street People came from miles around dancing to the beat From across the street came a real smart suit, said hey I'm gonna sue But there ain't no sucker with a long legged hooker, gonna tell me what to do (Repeat *) © 2014