SaxonRock The Nations

Big wheels are rolling On thru' the night We hit the city in the morning No time to eat or sleep Six concerts in a week Take the show across the nation Could this be San Antone? Or am I stood in Rome? Is this real or am I dreaming? Standing by the backstage door Just like the one before We're here to set the spirit free Give us the stage (*) Turn on the lights Fire up the sound We'll rock the nations (Repeat *) Wait for the curtain call Excitement in the hall Stage crew ready at their stations The houselights start to dim Another show begins Now it's time to rocks the nations Stand in the flashing lights The music fills the night This is what we've all been waiting for We take the last encore The first of many more The spotlight takes the final bow (Repeat * 4 times) Big wheels are rolling On thru' the night Daylight comes without no warning North, South, East and West We'll put you to the test As we rock across your nation (Repeat *) © 2018