David BowieFascination

Got to use her Every time I feel fascination I just can't stand still, I've got to use her Every time I think of what you pulled me through, dear Fascination moves sweeping near me Still I take ya CHORUS (Fascination) fascination (sure 'nuff) fascination (takes a part of me) takes a part of me (Can a heart-beat) can a heart-beat (live in a fever) live in a fever? (raging inside of me?) (Fascination) fascination (oh, yeah) oh yeah (takes a part of me) takes a part of me (I can't help it) I can't help it (I've got to use her) got to use her (every time, ooh) Fascination comes around (Ooh-oo-ooh) (Fascination) Your soul is calling Like when I'm walking Seems that everywhere I turn I hope you're waiting for me I know that people think That I'm a little crazy Ohh, better sex is fun I think I like fascination Still, tick CHORUS (twice) Ad-lib
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