[Jay-Z] It's the Dynasty ni***z... As promised... The world's most infamous... Roc-A-Fella Records... This is Roc La Familia... It's Young Hova... Beanie Sigel... Memphis Bleek... Amil-lion... It's the Dynasty ni***z... 2000 to infinity... This is ghetto to ghetto.. Gutter to gutter.. Street corner to street corner.. Project to project.. Worldwide... Walk with us ni***z... Hoffa... Dash... It's the Dynasty ni***z Check it out... Uhh... Walk with me... Talk to me... Yo.. The theme song to +The Sopranos+ Plays in the key of life on my, mental piano Got a strange way of seein life like I'm Stevie Wonder with, beads under the doo-rag Intuition is there even when my vision's impaired, yeah Knowin I can go, just switchin a spare On the highway of life, n***a it's sharp in my sight Oh! Keen senses ever since I was a, teen on the benches Everytime somebody like Enus was mentioned I would turn green, me, bein in the trenches Him, livin adventureous not worryin about expenditures I'm bravin temperatures below zero, no hero No father figure, you gotta pardon a n***a But I'm starvin my ni***z, and the weight loss in my figure Is startin to darken my heart, bout to get to my liver Watch it my ni***z, I'm tryin to be calm but I'm gon' get richer Through any means, with that thing that Malcolm palmed in the picture Never read the Qu'ran or Islamic scriptures Only psalms I read was on the arms of my ni***z Tattooed so I carry on like I'm non-religious Clap whoever stand between Shawn and figures Ni***z, say it's the dawn/Don but I'm superstitious S**t is as dark as it's been, nothin is goin as you predicted I move with biscuits, stop the harder ni***z actin too suspicious This is, food for thought, you do the dishes
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