JAY-ZHola' Hovito

[Jay-Z] (J) uhh (A) uh-uh (Y) uh uh-uh Ah ch-ch ah, ch-ah, ah uh-uh Ah ch-ch ah, ch-ah, ah uh-uh It's that hop I'm talkin bout right here Timbo! I can't be stopped when it hop like this family, uhh! (Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!) They say hola' hovito That's what they sayin when I roll up with my people My music bangin like - them vatos locos got rap in a chokehold And I won't surrender it with, beats by Timbaland Calle de la boca, my baby All I wanna, do is, stroke ya all crazy My, dick game is vicious, insane at bitches Mami keep comin back cause mami came vicious Catch Hov' in the drop, nasty thang lane switchin Once you turn your neck for a sec your dame's missin Bujando, bujando, the cops is comin Got that rap patrol behind yo, get to runnin I'm unstoppable Hov', untoppable flows I'm the compadre, the Sinatra of my day Ol' Blue Eyes my nigga, I did it my way If y'all not rollin with Hov' then hit the highway [Chorus:] (Hola' hovito!) Yeah, yeah (Hola' hovito!) Yeah that's what they sayin when that music get to bangin Put it down for my peo-Ple! (Hola' hovito! Hola' hovito!) Yeah that's what they sayin when that music get to bangin Put it down for my peo-Ple! [an extra "yeah" before the 5th line first time, 2nd line second, and the 5th line the third time] [Jay-Z] Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah naw I don't fuck around, stay on my J. O. Hov' been about that dough since I was a day old Oh, push perrico if I need to for the rule of evil Was born in the belly that's the way the streets breed you One life to live - notice you get no sequel So I truly got to live this like my last movie Six oohie, jewels drippin, big toolie I ball for real, y'all niggaz is Sam Bouie And with the third pick - I made the earth sick M. J., hem Jay, fade away perfect I rhyme sicker than every rhyme spitter Every crime nigga that rhyme or touch a mic because my mind's quicker I'm a eighty-eighter, nine-six to "Reasonable Doubt" Temper short, don't take much to squeeze you out Yeah you shinin but the only thing you're leavin out You're a candle in the sun - that shit don't even out [Chorus:] [Jay-Z] Hold up; naw muh'fuckers - y'all muh'fuckers Better run to the post office and get a job muh'fuckers A star muh'fuckers, cause Jay's been the only one Eatin thus far sub-par muh'fuckers Naw even though y'all hate I love y'all muh'fuckers "Friend or Foe," y'all all my muh'fuckers If you haven't heard, I'm Michael Magic and Bird All rolled in one - cause none got more flows than Young Plus got more flows to come And if I ain't better than Big, I'm the closest one So move over - hoes, choose Hova My food for though so hot it give you dudes ulcers Rovers, roasters, poseurs Gettin it in with me, livin like they supposed tah Watches, chain, front row at the game Sold out arena, all screamin my name, c'mon [Chorus:]
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