[Tone aka Trackmaster] So I told shorty I be producing, I be making those beats Be making those hits, ya know So I told her my name, My name is Tone She said "Town!!" You know like she never heard of me, ya know So I said okay you may know me by my other name Sometimes they call me [are. Kelly] track-Mas-Ster [Jay-Z] We see you Tone Tone the referee We see you, baby [are. Kelly] C'mon Shorty That nigga Hov [Jay-Z] Holla [are. Kelly] Yall niggas don't understand [Jay-Z] Uh-uh, they don't understand Flow for'em No lemme sing for em Just sing for'em [are. Kelly] Check It Mr. Kell Its like this, some of yall niggas got, legs for lips Running ya mouth mad cuz I, pop that Cris Go up in 3-10, and cop that six Then roll around with yo chick Some of yall niggas mad cuz I drop these hits Thug ass nigga, on some, R&B shit Now that shit done fucked around and, made me rich And, For those of you who don't like it, yall can suck my "Uhhhh!!" These honies to my suite like I'm, the Pidi piper Body ass, hitin high notes, like they Mariah Get that pussy wet enough to put out a bonfire She be like "Wooooooo", and I be like "Wooooooo" When her tides got high, fuck it Ima Don Runnin late for the studio, fuck it I'm bout to come Dress cold at club fuck it Air Force I's Said I wouldn't mention Sisqo, fuck he's a bum Ally boom, buaya, Hit you with the right hook You be like, what the fuck was that Me and Jigga, we are like the industries popo nigga yall best shit can't even fuck with our demo's Shorty [Chorus 2X: are. Kelly] From New York on to L. A. (Shorty) Chi-Town we freak the night away (Shorty) Miami all the pretty girls (Shorty) We know chicks all around the world (Shorty) [Jay-Z] Shorty, what yo name is? Shorty, who yo man is? C'mon and make moves with a dude who move cane Like a old man, you know who game this is, Young Hov Name is respected in fifty different languages, mommy come roll I keep a jet on the runway, Sunday in Paris, London on Monday Back to L. A. This aint rap, this is real, I could trip and have a meal In three hours ma the streets will be ours (Wooooooo) Shorty, I got something for you, Wouldn't give a chick a dime before But now I wanna spoil you Shorty, The trips to the gucc shop, getcha cooch hot How bout I do a helipads on the roof top Shorty, Ya hella rag, your my rock star Shorty Heres my number shit, you don't gotta to call me Shorty [Chorus 2x] [are. Kelly] I'm chillin in my 4. 6, at the light 5 o'clock in the morning, been drinking all night And, Plus I'm high, but it aint over 4 slim bodies scooped me in a wide body rover Panties and bras all the way from the bed to the sofa For all you R&B so called playas, I'm bout to coach ya Sit right there, and watch me freak yo girl chocha Tounge all down her throat as if a nigga was trying to choke her Its The Best Of Both Worlds, stickin ya in the "uhhhhhh!!" Put ya hands up like it's money in the air We bout to rip these charts like Zorro Blade So hot your gonna need a cold glass of lemonade To all my real live niggas, that shoot dice and play spades In a nice crib, word up, drinking the Maid On the rizel my nizel, that nigga Jigga is the dizel are. Kizel in the hotel swizel's chicks on the mizel's [Chorus 2x] Shorty Shorty
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