Jay-zA Ballad For The Fallen Soldier

[Jay-Z] This here's a ballad for all the fallen soldiers I'ma bout 'ta show you how a hustlers life (this is life man) And a soldier's life, parallel And the one thing they got in common is pain (forget about me for a second) Picture split screen On one side we got a hustler getting ready for the block (human beings) Other side you got the soldier getting ready for bootcamp (soldiers) They're both at war (this is life) Stay with us [Chorus:] Did you ever notice, before you think, life goes fast So don't you worry, about what you see, it will pass [Verse:] You lost him mama, the wars calling him Feel it's his duty to fall in line with all of them He's a soldier Rose through the ranks as the head of your house hold Now it's time to provide bank Like he's supposed tah Now just remember while he's going to November There's part of him growing up His shirts soaks up your tears as he holds yah Your heart beatin so fast speeding his pulse up Yeah I know it sucks, Life aint a rose bud A couple of speed bumps You gotta take your lumps Off to Bootcamp, the worlds facing terror Bin Laden been happenin in Manhatten Crack was anthrax back then, back when Police was Al'Qaeda to black men While I was out there hustling sinning with no religion He was off the wall killing for a living [Chorus:] [Verse 2:] Days turn to nights, nights turn to years Years turn to "how the fuck we make it in here?" My barracks average couple fights a day Get you locked in a hole wont see the light of day And I feel like I'm just writing my life away I never thought shit could end up quite this way There's a war going on outside no man is safe from I'm here for the good fight only the fakes run I'm here for the purple heart, if I can't take one For my team or my siblings what's my reason for living? I love my niggas more then anything else This war's about my family, me needin the wealth You don't understand how useless as men we felt Till you become a 5 star general Shout out to my niggas that's locked in jail P. O. W. 's that's still in the war for real [Chorus:] Your baby boy is getting grown So your baby boy is moving on I've gotta chase (gotta chase it) If I'm gonna make it (gonna make it) Your baby boy is getting grown So your baby boy is moving on I'm gonna make it Even if I gotta take it (gotta take it) [Verse 3:] Mama said pray your sons becoming a man This wars taxin to 'em like Uncle Sam He ain't gonna always make the right choice, understand Every choice that he make he makes it for his fam It's death before dishonour And if he's gone you should honor his memory Don't cry we all gonna die eventually But if he's locked in the penetentiary send him some energy They all winners to me (What's up kid?) [Chorus:]
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