Jay-zWe Got Em Goin'

Uh, uhh, uh Uh, ah, now Hov's in the building, Hov's in the building Uh, uhh, uh Kels in the building, Kels in the building Uh, uhh, that's right Hov's in the building, Hov's in the building Uh what? Ho, ho Yo Kels in the building, Kels in the building [R. Kelly] I'm in the building tonight, it's goin down my nigga Got a pocket full of cash and some 'dro my nigga Attitude like I don't give a fuck my nigga Probably the drunkest fool on the flo' my nigga One of the best that ever did this here, every year It's the #1 R&B singer this year But y'all know, still mo' money mo' problems Mo' niggaz, mo' chicks, mo' clubs, Mo' bottles One little note in your ear, and I gotcha Ladies call me the black Frank Sinatra Yeah a real pimp floss and the pimp be blingin It's just the same reason why a young pimp be leanin Hard liquor, couple sips, and I'm passin it Maybach so big you can dance in it Jigga lil' nigga fuckin with the baddest chicks Got your girl lookin at you like the maddest chick We goin [Chorus: R. Kelly] Ho-ohh, ohh-oh We got everybody up in the club, hands high Goin ho-ohh, ohh-oh We got players, ballers, hustlers and they back Goin ho-ohh, ohh-oh We got all of the pretty girls left in the city Goin ho-ohh, ohh-oh We got 'em goin, we got 'em goin [Jay-Z] Yo yeah it's the boy Hov', yeah I blow O's Circles around competition, not an Optimo To sit low, in a six-oh, oh Solo, on lo-lo's, fuck po'-po's Take a pho-to, last time you see a nigga so cold So be-low zero, so froze So-so rappers are so sore, hate his soul It ain't my fault I'm so rock'n'roll I'm just Hov' [Chorus] [Memphis Bleek] Geah, it's the kid from the Stuy, and I stay high In my A-O-L-A blowin lah lah lah Goodbye, I see you chumps on top Or on the highway in somethin that ends with I Like I, 745, I Or the F-E-double-R-the-A-R-I AR-15 to spray y'all guys You die (you die) goodbye (goodbye) [Chorus] [Jay-Z] From New York to Chi, we blow like hy-dro Blow out live shows without py-ro See how I combined the I-O flow Tone'll rep, Memph Bleek, Kels and Hov' [Jay and Bleek alternate words] Bottles, models, follow, to the hotter Way we play like it's no day tomorrow Spendin my dough like I just hit the lotto Bounce, park and stop shall not wake I'm straight safe [Chorus]
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