JAY-ZShe's Coming Home With Me

[are. Kelly] Fellas, a few tips, when you're in the club You must watch your girl, because she may end up with me [are. Kelly + (Jay-Z)] Trackmasters (uhh... Turn the music up) Rock Land Hova (woo! Yess, yess) [Chorus: are. Kelly] Now somebody's girl is in my mansion Shakin that ass to this And somebody's girl is in my hot tub Drinkin that glass of Crist' And somebody's girl is in my bedroom And man she's a superfreak And somebody's girl is leavin my crib Now on to the next booty [Jay-Z] Ummmmmmmmm, I don't mean no harm But your boy got the magic stick, the Don Juan Bishop, chicks'll dissapear in thin air Like mist or some shit like this I swear I take handcuffs off misses, I pick locks wicked I catch your eye cause my tick-tock's frigid My necklace glisten, all reckless chicks is Eyeballin, yeah, and I caught 'em like perfect pitches Call me Mike Piazza Once I get 'em in, my fly casa It's hot tubs, heated pools and no rules Call your old dude and tell him he old news Tell that fella you feel like Cinderella With both shoes and it's almost two Fuck a storybook endin, we bendin the rules This is somebody's girl part two, now move [Chorus:] [are. Kelly] Uhh, let me at it Somebody's girl is sittin in my lap Whisper two words and we both break out My Maybach seats is just as big as a couch Not the same girl now that the mic's at your mouth Oh that's gettin nasty, let's get naughty Rollin around like a fo'-wheel afterparty We stop at a red light, there go your girls an' 'em Now we got the green light, driver follow them (let's go) You're rotatin with a guy that spend money like the world spin 'round First guy to ever put the singin rap down Say the name Kels and these chicks spellbound Because these chicks know I put the "12Play" down I gotta have it, I just can't stop limpin Maybe because I just can't stop pimpin No matter what I do, I can't stop leanin When the fresh Prada's on and the sun is shinin Girls it's your boyfriend With that remix that keeps you clubbin This collabo' crack got you fiendin The industry kings and the rest is dreamin [Chorus:] [Jay-Z] The moral of the tale, if you love your tail Treat her well, keep her 'way from Hov' and Kel' Because we can't stop pimpin We put it on her 'til she can't stop limpin She'll be a goner, you can play tough guy on the corner I smoothe her out in the sauna Yeah, I blew it out in the Bahamas, yeah Your lil' mama got a stellar arm We got it on like a telethon Mr. Roc-A-Fella, gone [Chorus:]
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