[Chorus] I try to pretend that I'm different but in the end we're all the same (all the same) I pray to god, father forgive a nigga I'm never gonna change (gonna change) I try to pretend that I'm different but in the end we're all the same (all the same) I pray to god, father forgive a nigga I'm never gonna change (gonna change) When the singer Rob calls the police on me Y'all niggaz ran out and copped the CD See what I discovered is y'all snitch lovers I might speak, but I don't fuck with nobody See What Doug, Jimmy & L.A. don't know, These youngins crossed the line with Hov, I'm letting it blow Had the papers writing stories like: "didn't they know, This what happen when they made that rapper CEO" I know, its just a matter of time before the steady hate Start to overflow then the leavey breaks And my conscience go, you escape the rico, Why throw everything away over ego? You paper chasing, they paper hating, Billionare Hov you on the pace to make it Fuck that exclamation comma quotations I love drama period [Chorus] Smelling like Patron singing dirty rap songs, Tip-toeing in the crib like 6 in the morn Every day its the same I said in blueprint That I'd never change its just a part of the game Respect me I'm a thug, I might cool out for a sec But expect me to bug its in my blood But if my chick leave me she gonna leave me for something, She gone leave me 'cause Halie, She ain't gonna leave me for nothing, Picture me getting up with something sleazy Something something so easy You could take out its beat like nothing something Soon as you finish cutting you like leave me please, Not me I need Angelina Jolize company, So I ain't gonna make a move unless I got I got a plan B That'll happen the day I have a baby by free, Not to say that anything is wrong with free, Just to say that ain't nothing wrong with me If my hands in the cookie jar, know one thing, I'ma take the cookie not leave my ring If my hands in the cookie jar know one thing I'ma take (laughs) y'all know what I mean [Chorus] You little niggas ain't deep you dumb, You niggas ain't gangsta you gum, I chew little niggas Hock-too, spew little niggas, I can only view little niggas like little niggas But in lieu of little niggas trying to play that boy, I phew phew little niggas with the latest toy Unlike you little nigga, I'm a grown ass man, Big shoes to fill nigga, grown ass pants Prolly hustled with your pops, go ask your parents Its apparent you're staring at a legend Who, put a few little niggas in the they place before Trying to eat without saying they grace before Blasphemous bastard get your faith restored You're viewing your version of the lord god MC little nigga, applaud, or forever burn in the fire that I spit at y'all I rebuke you little nigga The meek shall parish, ill roof you little nigga, I'm a project terrorist, cute you little niggas Think you in my class substitute little niggas soon feel my wrath, I mute you little niggas You a little nigga, I shall abuse you little nigga, I'm a ill nigga, Now shoot you little niggas Go somewhere and play, 'cause the day I loose to you little niggas, no day [Chorus]
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