Kanye WestWe Major

[Chorus] You motherfuckers better do your job and roll up and watch how we roll up and I can't control it, can't hold it, it's so nuts I take a sip of that yak, I want to fuck I take a hit of that chronic, it got me stuck But really what's amazing is how I keep blazing Towel under the door smoke until the days end Puff, puff then pass, don't fuck up rotation Hypnotic for Henny, now nigga that's your chaser Turn nothing to something now pimpin' that's a savior Best things are green now pimp and get your paper High off the ground instead of skyscraper Too low thinkin' we local, come on homie, we major We major (come on, homie, we major) [Repeat: x2] Feeling better than some head on a Sunday afternoon Better than a chick that say yes to soon Until you have a daughter, that's what I call karma And you pray to god she don't grow breasts too soon. Projects to' up, gang signs is thrown up Niggas hats broke off that's how we grow up Why else you think shorty's write rhymes just to blow up? Get they first car and then IRS show up He ain't never had shit but he had that nine Nigga come through flickin' and he had that shine Put two and two together in a little bad weather Gon' be a whole family on that funeral line Ask the reverend was the strip club cool if my tips help send a pretty girl through school That's all I want like wino's want they good whiskey I ain't in the Klan, but I brought my hood with me [Chorus] [Nas] I heard the beat and I ain't know what to write First line, should it be about the hos or the ice? Four-four's or black Christ? Both flows would be nice Rap about big paper or the black man's plight At the studio console asked my man to the right What this verse sound like, should I freestyle or write? He said, Nas, what the fans want is Illmatic, Stillmatic Picked up the pad and pencil and jotted what I feel Been like 12 years since a nigga first signed Now I'm a free agent And I'm thinking it's time To build my very own Motown Cause rappers be deprived of executive 9 to 5s And it hurts to see these companies be stealing the life And I love to give my blood sweat and tears to the mic So y'all copped the LPs and y'all fiends got dealt I'm Jesse Jackson on the balcony where King got killed I survived the livest niggas around Lasting longer than more than half of you clowns Look, I used to cook before I had the game took Either way my change came like Sam Cooke. Feeling better than I ever felt before today Like better late than never is orientation Still we can make it better throwing all your cares away [Chorus]
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