Young BuckGet Your Murder On

[Verse One] You niggaz got me fucked up, it's time to go to war Nigga so what's up, I bust up, any muh'fucker feelin he rougher I can't get enough of, showin niggaz what time it is Go inside his crib, find his kids 'til we find the shit Go ahead and keep buyin shit, act like you run the town On the worst day, your birthday, that's when I cut you down Let me show you how, to make this money by the pound Get a black dickie fit, can't forget the hundred rounds Still a murder man, told myself I'd never hurt again Niggaz out here hoes, so I'm kickin in they do's And nobody knows when a nigga like me be comin Nigga stop drop and roll when a nigga like me be gunnin Wanna live to see tomorrow? Better calm down your woman And that shit in that plastic bag better be all hundreds When my mask down, that mean I'm ready to blast now Taught your ass a lesson, bet you'll learn how to act now [Chorus: repeat 2X] Get your murder on - c*** it back and let it go Bitch I represent them killers who be kickin in them do's Get your muder on - black down from head to toe See I tried to tell you once niggaz don't want war [Verse Two] Just look at life from my point of view, run where I call home Feel what a gun do and I'll bet you [?] Wonder why my mind strong livin the life When niggaz really don't live long playin me sheist See I'm goin all out, like straight hoes to dykes Switchin the game around like Reeboks from Nikes Stayin in my black dickies, t-shirts all white Thugged out, what it's all about, all right Let's just shoot it out now, we can do it all night It don't matter, the 50 caliber gon' bite Watch 'em scatter, the loud sound got 'em all fright Get the cheddar, then let them cowards hear the dual pipes When we bite, we fight like pits on red meat Is this life the shit nigga? Yes it fuckin be Freaks take a glimpse, they scream Buck's the shit Now fiend for the dick, as I lean in the 6 [Chorus:] [Verse Three] Back in my 'llac the auto fo'-fo's and Optimos Kickin in do's on the one stressin [?] Let me get that out you hoes, me and my snub nose Bonnie and Clyde, when we ride, both of us have open eyes Realized I'm a young nigga, puttin it fuckin down Never goin to sleep without a hundred fuckin miles Layin it down, my name is known throughout town Blaka blaka, blaka blaka [Chorus:] © 2018