XzibitHandle Your Time

[Convict 2/Sadat X] Oh my goodness! Look what they sendin through nowadays Ah, it's a light-weight And he got a smirk on his face like it's all of that Yeah, well we gone see what it is [Convict 1/Xzibit] What you in for, everything under the sun Recently, got me first degree wit a hot gun That's my third strike, so Xzibit can't go home Fight to see Daylight like Sylvester Stallone Don't ask too many questions n***a, keep that on the d-low My family might mistake you for an undercover C-O Last one that tried didn't make it past bookin Five times in the neck when everybody was lookin [Convict 2/Sadat X] You see the judge, but he don't budge That's you're third felony, I believe strike three Remanded and stranded, to the cold steel granite Lost to the world, your moms and your girl Keep your weight up, or your a** get ate up Cats is stickin, straight up Wit the shank, get more time in the tank Ask Hank, he bout to bank, killed a cop wit high rank They gave him life and now another cat is fuckin his wife [Convict 1/Xzibit] Just because I'm locked down don't mean the hustlin stop Her-oine and beer joints twenty dollars a pop You a new recruit, so today I'm lettin you slide But tomorrow you'll be confronted wit the two's in the side If you a smart mothafucker, you'll be fallin wit mine Behind bars, no b*****s and cars, we only got time We're I'm from, time is money and got neither to waste Once in a while catch a Cannanite in the wrong place Beat him down, break the strongest hand, piss in his face Strike fear, play the rear, 'fore he catchin a case Low-class, got a dozen free visitors pass Plus the female C-Order wanna give me some a** Chorus [Sadat X] 2x This is your new home boss, where you survive at all costs And if you don't, well it's only your loss You're only here cuz you tried to force and be the boss, ha Handle your time like a man yo [Convict 1/Xzibit] So it's my twenty-third birthday, drinkin brew-no You know no matter what it take, we gotta celebrate F**k stayin straight, hair braided by this Muslim cat Regulate the whole yard, now we got the straps N****s say "Who the fuck is that?" The X-Man, rowdy, gettin treated like the feds in the county Correctional facilities, basically you don't wanna f**k wit these Murders and felonies keep you company ("YEAH!") [Convict 3/Kid Creole] And yes y'all, come on in ("YEAH") All you brand new heffer, sissy, soft booty-a** shook n****s ("YEAH") Yeah b***h, welcom to central booking ("YEAH") A sleep-over for pimps, private hustlers ("YEAH"), drug slingers, and gun Clappers Even b***h-a**, shook-a** n****s ("YEAH") like y'all Get on your?("YEAH"), get out the blood on your? Married character? Kitten-a** faces ("YEAH"), n****s about to beat you all down to the last stop *Echoes* [Convict 2/Sadat X] I'm all good, as I telephone my hood At first I was shook, tried to play by the book But you can't bid your time by stayin in the cell I'm gettin high everyday like I was still on the corner Where I'm in fat pink caps, New York to California Makin deals for mills, holdin cigarette lottos Givin cats pills, and tell em "Yo try those!" N****s try to scheme but my team is tight We as shady as the night and bring fright to sight Hey you be aight, but don't act like a sucka Ain't you ain't got to be the wildest mothafucker Use control, put a cat in whole if he's broke And let em know, I just wanna serve my time and go And flow, lay low, try to grab some dough Aiyyo I ain't tryin to jail, somebody post my bail Chorus [Convict 2/Sadat X] (Convict 3/Kid Creole) Yo man shhh, I need some new kicks man (Oh what? Oh shut the f**k up!) Somebody got some at least some money man (n***a what!) Or something man, I ain't get no letters man (You gone be my b***h tonight, what) N****s forgettin about me man (I'll poke y'all, don't come on the island) Namsayin, supposed to be my crew (Don't be on the island when I get there) Can't even make collect phone calls (Mothafucker, what ah um!) Tryin to jam my collect calls now (You will be mines tonight mothafucker!) Nobody ain't home, nobody wanna write me (Mine you hear me!) I ain't got nuttin to read, yaknamsayin (You'll be mine tonight mothafucker!) Ain't nobody put no money on my book (Don't fall asleep tonight b***h!) It's like I'm starvin in here This ain't no fun
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