2 Live CrewThe Splak Shop

Verse 1: [Brother Marquis] I won't take a b***h to my house Don't have to see where I'm livin', uh-uh, that's out! If you want to splak, I know you're down like that We can go to this place by the railroad track It has a room with a view, just right for two Equipped with the accessories to get you in the mood Like bottles of champagne with gold-trim glasses A king-size waterbed to lay your a** in A video screen, of you and me So don't be camera-shy; I won't let nobody see You can lounge around in your silky nightgown Just take off your bra and pull your panties down 'Cause I'll seduce you, w***e, bust down your back door You dog-a** b***h, get down on all fours 'Cause this is the place for head, booty and c*** You know what it's called, the f**k Shop! Verse 2: [Fresh Kid Ice] Now b*****s and s***s, I'm down with 'em And there's a place where I get with 'em It has a water bed 'cause the place is phat A lion-skin rug to lay the b***h on her back With mirrors on the ceiling and on the walls Mirrors on the floor so I can see it all No need for hide-and-seek, so drop them draws And raise that a** so I'll splak it all! So bend your a** over, I'll get it from the back d**k ya a** down, make the p***y go smack And with every stroke, b***h, start to yell Ain't nothing can save you but a truth in the smell It's a freaky place, and an all-out blast, 'Cause when you're done, you'll wash your a** So if you're down, we'll hit the spot You know what it's called, the Splak Shop! Verse 3: [Brother Marquis] The f**k Shop, the ideal place to meet When you're cheatin' on your wife with an undercover freak It's better than any hotel room Just right for a secret rendezvous So when you're on a mission, one late night And you're looking for a spot where the price is right You can come on in for an hour or two But just make sure you bring a rubber with you! [Fresh Kid Ice] When you're with a hoe and you wanna get freaky This is the spot when you're low on money Pick her a** up when it's after dawn, Jump in the ride, head to the park No need for candle lights, panel doors will do In case you wanna play a little peek-a-boo So if you got a trick, head to the spot You know what it's called, the Splak Shop!
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