BeckBlackfire Choked Our Death

Lightning burned the field Black fire choked our breath (? ? ? ) in the kitchen Sand poured through the walls We looked to one another The children shut their mouths The whirling and the turning Of destruction filled our house The blood-thirsty yearning Clamored all about us Darkness rose up From the floor like a demon Fearful of the death That buckled through our minds Shaken to the core Foresaken and unkind Well the sun came a-shinin' And the dust did settle down Birds and jack-rabbits Lay dead on the ground Electricity Trembled in the sky Sparks shot forward Causing us to fly ...take some breakfast But the grit was in our food And everywhere around us Starvation broke on through My husband stood a-starin' At the plentiful disaster God was in his eyes But death was in his heart Dried up whiskey Chickens in the house Stolen car stereo Cholesterol on your mouth Stolen car stereo Snowman all in flames Deluxe cockroach Tellin me what's real Black sabbath playin' I wake up in my socks Candle all a-burnin Her face is on tv © 2017