[Chorus] It's g-a-n-g-s-t-a That's how it be and it's gon' say (Y'all know who) That's how it be when you see me That's how it be in NYC (Y'all know who) If it's me it's got to be If it's me it's got to be G-a-n-g-s-t-a (Y'all know who) I'm still living la vida loca Where hoes sell prices on weed or coke-a For the hustlers, for the customers, trust the buzz It's have you makin' one of the sounds that Busta does (woo haha!) They love me just because I'm in the gallardo, laughing like Ricky Ricardo (Ha ha ha ha) With the 4-pounder, pretty gangsta nigga I'm the co-founder, I know the difference between pimps and hoe-hounders I can tell when they ain't learn to lean They gold cups missing stones, turning green I roll up wrist in chrome, burning green like what's good [Chorus] God was in a good mood, on the day he made me I'm from the projects, it's the way it made me And I wouldn't change it for nothing I stay on point, that's 'cause I know the danger of stuntin' But the aim is like I'll be at the ranges or somethin' It takes a gangsta, to know a gangsta That's why we look at you like a stranger or somethin' 'cause we can tell by the body language you frontin' And it take a little more than lettin' ya pants sag Ya sand bag, tryna jump on the band wag I'll put the red dot on you like a Japan flag You need some high heels and a handbag [Chorus] I'm in the ten minutes to nine, leanin' on 'em Like I'm ten minutes behind, fuck a hundred shots Give me a .40 cal wit' ten in it, I'm fine Just spray, and shit'll get you ten minute of shine Keep a friend in it, that's ten cented for mine Keep the rims in it, that spin in it for mine Can't see him in it, I been tinted up mine But you know a nigga look oh so gangsta Oh no thank ya, I earned my key My name'll get you fucked up, and burners tee That's gangsta love, from the heart Yo I told y'all from the start And now (y'all know who) Keep it G'd up, I can't slow down, these creep's speed up Cali bringin' peeps and weed up I'm coming through with a bunch of girls that'll deep a seed up (It's a gangsta party) [Chorus]
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