FabolousWe Don't Give A

Sick mothafuckers! Go head, throw up nigga Yea yea ok, I know you I know, I know [Verse:] If you wanna have smaller digits The kid was never, a playa hata or baller bigit Every week, pay em all a visit I bring Pamela Lee to the P's so we all can dig it I popped enough alcohol so we all could swig it Guns, stand them up they be as tall as midgets O. K, I'll rap a little faster But do I really sound like I turned from a rapper to a pastor I'm like you except I date supermodels The cars that I drive, the state troopers follow We get the same parties probably My stones look like sunshine, yours probably cloudy And I don't front for nothin' I likes, I gets, I want for nothin' I'm givin' ya straight answers And I'd rather be dead than livin wit hate cancer [Chorus:] Say wha you wanna say, talk wha you wanna talk We don't give A fuck! Look how you wanna look, grill if you wanna grill We don't give A fuck! Act how you wanna act, front if you wanna front We don't give A fuck! Live how you wanna live, cry if you wanna die We don't give A fuck! [Verse 2:] I just used to post on the corner, roast marijuana I'd be on the coast of Tawanna Bitches who look, close to Madonna, Dosie cabanna, toast by a? I 'posed to be wanna of those dudes ridin in Testaroastas upon ya Not the? But I'm gonna, I keep toastin the armor For niggaz who supposed to be drama I mostly just wanna, get fed garlic toast and lasagna Get head while I'll roast in a sawna F-A-B-O-L-O-you-S, how can you hate that? And I hit the? Wit the scandals Cause it's all bullshit my attroneys can handle Ya insides be burnin like candles Rippin down posters, turnin' the channels You wanna end up on the ern on the mantle nigga, yea [Chorus:] [Verse 3:] I look at these brothers and laugh Jealous niggas don't hate havin, just others that have I still got love for the av., Come through to give ya niggas girls baby mothers my math I speak on others behalf, only hate makin money And gotta give the government half You know this brother live last And not even Mike seen Jordans in the colors I have I used to run from undercovers like Shaft That was until this young playa got shoved into the draft Now I'm covered in ice, like Bruce Lee's body Niggas is scared, to lose these hotties Talk if you wanna talk, grill if you wanna grill We don't give a fuck nigga Front if you wanna front, try if you wanna die If you live it's luck nigga [Chorus:]
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