Bruce DickinsonAbduction

I wake in sweat you've come to steal my life away some strange electric glow of artificial day the power breakers closed the grid of darkness falls shining gleaming black as night burning all the light whattya want from me i sense your mastery there's something you won't ever find so have your way with me this prisoner is never free rip me up leave me behind are you the truth to sit in judgement on my sins evil (laser?) gadgets come to penetrate my skin the hanging judge is (open?) and I'm damned before his eyes another (gender?) system failed and many more have tried chorus solo "masterplan moment" and so the story goes i dreamt this long ago highways hidden in the sand reveal the troops i know they took my worthless heart and spat it through their eyes Abduction means the end for me a million years of misery chorus so have your way with me this soldier's lost victory rip me up... © 2017