Bob Seger20 Years From Now

Jan is tired of her inhaler When she moved here from back east Still she said she'd stay beside me And she brought me a new peace I saw her smilin' in the summer sun I saw her 'neath the quiet moon I knew right then I'd never leave her She had taken me so soon When she went She went And we settled near the blue lagoon Listened all night to the wind Sometimes we laughed, sometimes we cried Sometimes we just went for a swim All that time my love kept growing, growing, growing Made me feel so warm inside All the time her smile glowing And it gave me so much pride When she went, yeah when she went Yeah, now we sit here in the evening And listen to the crickets sing And we'll be here twenty years from now And we'll hear the crickets sing And then she'll go, oh, oh, oh, oh She'll go © 2018