Boyz II MenUhh Ahh (Dedication Mix)

Chorus: Uhh Ahh Uhh Ahh Uhh Ahh Uhh Ahh The love I have right next to me Is here and always will be I'm caressing your body emotionally As you can feel and will see Oh tell me why can't we go all the way to the top The fullest extreme The sounds are here when you're with me Express the way that you feel And you say... Chorus In a passionate set we're moving close Every bit of love that we share is the same I can tell when I reach down deep inside You show it when you call out my name Squeezing you tight and holding you close Is all I feel inside Although I try to hold in my love It's something that I just can't hide Chorus (repeats twice) Mike's monolauge: The music is low The lights are dim, there we lie Passion overflows With every look in your eyes Infatuation, lust and a lot love Sweet caresses and yes' to me as you rub And clench my back Ecstacy fills the air As you kiss on my neck And stroke the back of my hair To hold you tonight I feel this is my duty To grasp, to hold, to rock that booty Chorus (repeats a lot and fades out) © 2014