Alan JacksonPop A Top

Pop a top again I just got time for one more round Set 'em up my friends Then I'll be gone Then you can let some other fool sit down I'd like for you to listen to a joke I heard today From a woman who said she was through and calmly walked away I tried to smile and did a while but it felt so outta place Did you ever hear of a clown with tears drops streaming down his face. [Chorus] Pop a top again I think I'll have another round Set 'em up my friend Then I'll be gone and you can let some other fool sit down. Home for me is misery and here I am wasting time 'Cause a row of fools on a row of stools is not what's on my mind But then you see her leaving me it's not what I prefer So it's either here just drinking beer or home remembering her. [Chorus] Pop a top again. © 2017