AvalonCome And Fill My Heart

Free, I long to be free I long for the day I'll believe That all you say you see in me is true That's hard for me to do It's hard for me to die to myself Entrust my life to someone else So come empty me out I'm no good without You inside of me [Chorus] Come and fill my heart with hope Come and fill my life with love Come and fill my soul with strengh to carry on Because from here the climb is steep, the road is long Come and fill my days with dreams Empty me of all the empty things That I hold onto Come and fill my heart with you I need you in my life Need you like the air that I breath You've become the very heart of me And I, I can't believe my eyes Can't believe the dream that I've found Lord, your love has turned my world around So come fill up my heart 'Till I'm like you are So deep inside of me [Chorus] Search me, Lord Try my heart Come and take me now and make me new So that all of the world will see you Overflow in my life [Chorus: x 2]
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