Concrete BlondeYour Llorona

Last night I saw her, your Llorona through the smoke & tequila sitting alone at the back of the bar. tears & mascara hopeless & haunting the Hotel Cesar your Llorona. corazon. oh will remember forever, oh, your Llorona, still waiting, still weeping, still alone. your Llorona, I didn't know what to tell her, she was watching the boys she was looking for you again, come & go all night your Llorona. the one in the corner she was asking about you again, dressed in white. your Llorona so what should I tell her, so what should I say? your Llorona she swears you are coming back to her one day. she things you are coming back, oh, your Llorona will remember forever, Corazon. still waiting & weeping oh, your Llorona still alone © 2017