DeftonesRoots (Root Demo)

He knows all this time Yeah keeps em worrying Till the diest of the time begins No one begins ahead No one to get tired My soul repays He caught him dead, because He doesn't seem to know where he's tired And some days I'm not all, it's It's so shallow Pushing fast ahead I'm already dead We go under For means he choosed at that moment No one inside Is giving me not the dead I love the way She reaches out to people They were groveling indoors They will lick you in the bed Saying please come home Just be, Tried breaking free, but the tops still up But don't look like that, they teach in forgetting what, what Tire long, wrong with me, leave me going insane They need this head bang, they leave up, They come out, they don't get mine To all the people who knows what thing's fakin' her, They're dead right, they got the tape, but they know what Blessed for me, but in it for no, I like to see me other than the own Do look across Inside the days I'll bring We celebrate now And bring Can't you? Yeah Bring.. Away © 2014