If your circle stays unbroken Then you're a lucky man Cause it never, never, never has for me In the palace of the virgin Lies the chalice of the soul And it's likely you might find the answer there She had fourteen years of teenage tears Never a helping hand She had fourteen more of rain before She saw the sight of land She was a photograph just ripped in half A smile inside a frown And then the light, the answer right Inside her coming down It said I can go away I can leave here I can be invisible I go away He was just eighteen and in-between A lady and a man His daddy's girl in momma's world And that was when he ran You know the word confused has been abused But that's just what he was And then the spark inside the dark The answer came because it said You can go away You can leave here You can be invisible Well I grew up quick and I felt the kick Of life upon a stage So I bought the book and then I took a fast look At just the very last page It was a single word that I'd just heard From the two that came before The only way to really stay Is to walk right out the door So I go away I'm going to leave here I can be invisible I go away again I can go away When I leave here I can be invisible I said when I go away Lord you know it's right to leave here So I just become invisible I'm going away Disappear before the rise You'll never touch me you'll never feel me You'll never see me again because I just become unseen
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