DioLiving The Lie

Living The Lie When a milion miles from no where Is still too close to home You're with a hundred thousand people And you still feel all alone She was never in the circle Or the round would be a square And the more she seemed to want it The less they seemed to care Sold out and no admission Too late to buy It's never who it's only why She's living the lie When you're on your way to somewhere But the elevator falls Do you look for stairs to heaven Or wander through the halls He was only dedicated To the ones who make the law But they burned with too much fire And his heart was made of straw No ticket - no admission Too late to buy It's always he and he knows why He's living the lie Break down How bad do you want it How far will you go If you're looking at tomorrow To forget about today Then the past will be your future And it's there you'll always stay What about the pictures That smile from magazines The ultimate temptation Our new kings and all our queens Such heat and too much pressure Not worth the try No more for them Now it's I And no more living the lie Living the lie Oh why Live the lie
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