DioNight Music

Looking on the(?) side You're waiting for your life to walk away Writings on a wall You just dream forever, forever Face it - it's another day And it's gonna be the same tomorrow The sun is gonna go away So let it shine on - shine on, yeah, yeah When you move to the rhythm of shadows You can hide from the heat of the sun Cause If you dance to the beat of the darkness You burn before the fire's begun Then comes the night You come alive With night music It keeps spinning around my head Night music It's all the things that you never said And anywhere you are There's night music So open up your arms Let the night time in Say the word and it begins In the night you're the song and the singer You can choose what the band's gonna play Write the words under cover of moonlight, oh Make some magic with the things that you say Together we can kill the day Night music You're singer and I'm the song Night music Where's the place we can belong Here comes the night You will survive Dancing in the moonlight Makes you feel alive Open your arms Let it begin Just open up the magic Let the night time in
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