DioOne Night In The City

Johnny was a dark child He was promised to us all But rides in the night, Can lift you out of sight When they call Sally was a princess She was chosen for the crown But chains can't stop the sound Of one night in the city One night looking pretty The someone opened doorways And Johnny slipped away Running for the bright, Where dark is always light But there's no day The princess saw the dark child And the dark child said her name Come steal away, we'll play the game Do you watch, do you see, Do you know the people in me I'm the bite, I'm the bark, I'm the scream Are you poor, Are you sure, Are you holy, Are you pure I can tell you tales you just might not believe One night in the city, one night looking pretty One night in the city, one night looking pretty The children shared the wonder Of the leather and the lace But one child went away, And one child stayed to play For one night in the city
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