It's just a matter of time He was the victim and he never saw the crime He had invisible eyes He told you truth but you were sure of it, lies Chorus: 'Cause he was twisted (you could see it) He was twisted He was the fortunate one He could have pulled the trigger But he couldn't get the gun They told him that he was blind He didn't understand 'Cause he could see them inside Chorus: They were twisted Twisted Twisted (you could feel it they were) Twisted They were twisted Twisted Look inside any window Come on and see the show It's the same generation They set you free But they just won't let you go - no It was a matter of timethey told me I was guilty So I thought I did the crime I never learned how to cry So when I told the truth They were sure it was a lie Sure that I would try Sure of it Sure of it 'cause I'm so Twisted She's twisted up inside They're twisted We're twisted And when you're twisted There's just no place to hide away
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